Creative self employment but hassle free


Did you think running your own business would finally give you time to focus on your passion? But now that you're up and running, you find yourself doing stuff like project scopes and client management? Are you longing to hire a reliable project manager and make your life easier with smart tools?

We've got the solution so you can step into hyper focus mode. Send us a signal to enter the Hyperverse!


You're not doing it wrong, you just don't have access to the right resources

As an entrepreneur and creative, it’s difficult to scale. Referring to reliable sources like Hyper has helped me niche my services and focus on what I do best. I have the financial means I want, and they continue to grow, I’m not stressed but rather producing work from a place of relaxation and creativity.

It's hard to be all creative and sh*t when most of your energy goes into client communication, stressing about invoices or simply getting a dream project that totally exceeds your knowledge. Having a team behind me, helps me in areas I don’t feel comfortable yet.

Sometimes projects are not a great fit or they outrun my capacity. With Hyper I get to make a decision: Do I want to pass it on to someone else in the network or do I want to be part of a big project without carrying all the responsibility? No more obnoxious communication with trainees and assistants!!

Being a freelancer can feel lonely. The pandemic, home office, social distancing... When I started at Hyper I wanted to keep my freedom but I also wanted to work with like-minded people. Focusing on what I do best helps me, our network and our clients.


Hyper Features


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This is for you if:

  • you want to focus more on your creative work
  • you want a group of creative people who keep you accountable
  • you want to outsource project and cash flow management to people who love doing that
  • you want help figuring out tools that take your business to the next income level


This is NOT for you if:

  • you aren't interested in shortcuts and new approaches that help you find more ease in your work life
  • you're happy with what mainstream business culture has to offer
  • you don't have the patience and time to figure out a different approach to work (how many hours a week are we talking?)
  • you only care about making your money and not about things like: fairness, collaboration, ecological responsibility, new work


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